Get you Best Swing On.


Tittle X: The World’s First Ultra Compact IoT Golf Simulator

What if you could play golf anytime, anywhere? Tittle X Golf Simulator TruGolf Edition makes life-like sim golf accessible to everyone.

Tittle X Golf Simulator TruGolf e6 Edition brings golf to everyone. Without any expensive equipment or software, with this 7.9g Tittle device and the e6Cloud software, beautiful sunny courses appear right in front of you. Tittle X is simple and easy, but there is more to it than entertainment. With Tittle X, you can improve your game and have fun at the same time. With our partnership with TruGolf, we can offer you many 3D rendered real-world golf courses along with Tittle X Golf Simulator in this campaign. We invite you to back us and experience the life-like courses with the most affordable golf simulator in the world.

Tittle Golf: Your digital Distance Coach ON or OFF the course.

Mounted on your club, Tittle Golf estimates the carry distance of your swing, with or without striking the ball, which allows you to determine your best swing for your desired distance.

Additionally, when paired with your smartphone's GPS, Tittle Golf conveniently displays the remaining distance to the hole while you're on the course (36,000 courses, worldwide).

  • Distance Calculation (even on practice swings)
  • Clubhead Speed
  • Tempo Information
  • Club Path Information
  • Club Release Information
  • Player Calibration for customizing Distance Calculation
Premium Package includes:
  • Tittle X
  • 5 Pre-Selected TruGolf E6 golf courses (upgradable to other 3D rendered real-world golf courses)
  • Swing Stick
  • 2 cradles and charging cable for Tittle X
  • 15 cradles expansion pack
  • Smart Golf "Dot" Distance Finder
  • 6-Axis MEM (microelectromechanical) sensor for swing analysis
  • Hall sensor for club recognition
  • Size - Device 43x18x10.5mm / Mount(Cradle) R 17mm
  • Battery - Lithium Polymer 70 mAh, 2 Hours(Full charged) / Runtime 5 days
  • Bluetooth 4.0LE (Low Energy) / Distance 10m
  • OLED Display with 128x32 Resolution
  • Temperature Range - 5~35℃
  • Smartphone OS - Android / iOS