For the love of the game and his son

It was a fine day out on the course a 5-handicap golfer, JS, was teaching his son, Eric, the art of the short game. Only 45 yards to the pin, Eric would hack a 70 yard shot overshooting the green. Being a mechanical engineer, JS's skills were better suited to inventing than teaching golf. JS went home and rigged up a gadget with a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and GPS connectivity. parts.

This coaching device tells Eric the remaining distance to the pin. Eric then mounts the device to his club and takes a few practice swings until the device tells Eric the swing will get him the distance he needs. Using that same swing, Eric hits the ball right onto the green. Seeing how this gadget improved his son's game, JS decided to share it with the world.

A touching true story of how a product came to life. Tittle, invented by a father for the love of the game and his son.


Tittle also owes its beginnings in large part to a successful Kickstarter campaign completed at the end of 2015. Thanks to all our Backers!